Welcome to SKYlink, a creative travel retail collective dedicated to one duty: arranging rendezvous between premium brands and key players in the industry to create
travel retail

At SKYlink, the sky is quite literally not the limit.

SKYlink is a global premium travel retail distributor based in the cosmopolitan German city of Hamburg. Composed of a small multi-cultural team of driven travel enthusiasts and industry experts, SKYlink specializes in introducing intrepid travelers up in the clouds, down in the most exclusive airports of this world and at sea to our premium brand portfolio. 

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Everything we do begins with theendless allure of travel, the fascination for the industry in which we operate and the love for the brands we represent. Relying on a boutique approach, we strive for mutual value-creation for our partners and brands in the travel retail industry.

Best Practices

A handpicked selection of a few client projects that our teams have brought to life.

Do you remember your first time on a plane and how you leafed through an inflight magazine just to find your favorite perfume on sale; how you felt walking through the long aisles of a cruise ship discovering exclusive brands you have only seen in glossy magazines before; or the last time you took the time to browse the duty free assortment to find gifts for your loved ones before your departure? Because we do. And it is precisely these moments that remind us why we are passionate about travel retail.

There is no denying that our beloved industry has declined tremendously since 2020 and everyone had to deal with setbacks due to the limitations and restrictions.

But at SKYlink, we have never stopped holding on to our love for the industry and are certain that travel, as one of the most resilient industries, will rise again and flourish! A look at the industry’s history shows that, as do the long-term forecasts of market research institutes. At SKYlink, we are going full steam ahead and continue to grow with the industry we have been in since the company was founded.

As we enter our 10th year in the industry, we are reminded of how important our partnerships and connections are within the industry. Especially in current times, when many things are uncertain, it is crucial to support each other.

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