As a distribution partner, our mission at SKYlink is to enable our brands to explore the world of Travel Retail and realize their full potential to excel in this industry. Whether it is at the airport, on board of airplanes or on ferries and cruise ships, we bridge our brands with diverse travel retail channels around the world.


Having built strong partnerships worldwide, SKYlink leverages an extensive distribution network in accordance with each brand’s strategic direction to boost success and help build a brand presence and long-term sustainable brand equity in the travel retail market. To ensure this, we also represent our brands with our global partners, for example when it comes to listing meetings, and at industry-standard trade shows and events, such as the TFWA in Cannes and Singapore, which we attend regularly.

We also provide support in marketing communications, for example in advising on and creating advertisements and editorials for in-flight and pre-order magazines and digital presences in coordination with the brands. If required, we also take care of product photography and ad design, tailored to the airlines' requirements.

From stock and forecast management to seeking unrivaled worldwide opportunities for our brands, SKYlink is the trustworthy partner for reaching the traveling consumer segment.

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